[ adverb ] in a relative manner; by comparison to something else




"the situation is relatively calm now"

Used in print

(Philip Reaves, "Who Rules the Marriage Bed?"...)

And an additional factor was helping to make women more sexually self-assertive - the comparatively recent discovery of the true depths of female desire and response .

(Orlin J. Scoville, Part-Time Farming...)

Part-time farming can take comparatively little land , labor , and equipment - or a great_deal .

(Barry Goldwater, "A Foreign Policy for America"...)

Add also a comparatively primitive industrial plant which would severely limit our capacity to keep_abreast of the Soviets even in the missile field which is reputed to be our main strength .

(Randall Stewart, "A Little History, a Little Honesty: A...)

There one finds concentrated in a comparatively small area the chief universities , colleges , and preparatory_schools of the United_States .

(Harold Searles, "Schizophrenic Communication,"...)

Here a variety of meanings and emotions are concentrated , or reduced , in their communicative expression , to some comparatively simple seeming verbal or nonverbal statement .