[ verb ] establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts


"his story confirmed my doubts" "The evidence supports the defendant"

Used in print

(The Christian Science Monitor,...)

An enthusiastic audience confirmed the `` live '' character of the hour , and provided the interaction between musician and hearer which almost always seems to improve the quality of performance .

(Harry H. Hull, "The Normal Forces and Their Ther...)

Although the * * f calculation is obvious by_analogy_with that for gravitational_field and osmotic_pressure , it is interesting to confirm it by a method which can be generalized to include related effects .

There are no data published in the literature on the shape of low viscosity drops to confirm the above formulas .

(Clifford H. Pope, The Giant Snakes....)

Results from this approach amply confirm the direct observations :

(S. Idell Pyle, et al., Onsets, Completions, and...)

Third , the process of calcification is seen to begin later and to continue much longer for these boys than for the girls , a fact which confirms data for other groups of children .

[ verb ] strengthen or make more firm




"The witnesses confirmed the victim's account"

Used in print

(The New York Times,...)

The Mayor declined in two interviews with reporters yesterday to confirm or deny the reports that he had decided to run and wanted Mr._Screvane , who lives in Queens , to replace Abe_Stark , the incumbent , as the candidate for President of the City_Council and Mr._Beame , who lives in Brooklyn , to replace Mr._Gerosa as the candidate for Controller .

(The New York Times,...)

The episode tended to confirm the U._S. belief that propaganda , the hope of one-sided concessions , and the chance to split the Allies , rather_than genuine negotiation , were the Soviet leader 's real aims in summitry .

(National Review...)

- Indonesia_Military Supreme_Court has confirmed the death sentence passed on Alan_Lawrence_Pope , an American pilot .

(Brett Halliday, The Careless Corpse....)

Rourke confirmed the appointment over the phone and hung_up .

(Jim Harmon, "The Planet with No Nightmare," If,...)

`` Easy '' , Nogol confirmed .

[ verb ] make more firm


"Confirm thy soul in self-control!"

Used in print

(Kenneth Scott Latourette, Christianity in a Revolutiona...)

America , America , God mend thy every flaw , confirm thy soul in self control , thy liberty in law .

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[ verb ] as of a person to a position


: "The Senate confirmed the President's candidate for Secretary of Defense"

Used in print

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

Acting hastily under White_House pressure , the Senate tonight confirmed Robert_C._Weaver as the nation 's federal housing chief .

Related terms

approve ratification

[ verb ] administer the rite of confirmation to


"the children were confirmed in their mother's faith"

Related terms

covenant religion