congregational has definitions from the field of religion
[ adjective ] relating to or conducted or participated in by a congregation


"congregational membership" "congregational singing"

Used in print

(Gibson Winter, The Suburban Captivity of the...)

In_general , religious interest seems to exist in all parts of the metropolis ; congregational membership , however , is another thing .

The rule of economic integration in congregational life can be seen in the missionary outreach of the major denominations .

If economic integration really shapes congregational life , then evangelism should be a process of extending economic integration .

In a mobile society , congregational health depends_on a constant process of recruitment ; this recruitment , however , must follow the pattern of economic integration or it will disrupt the congregation ; therefore , the recruitment or missionary outreach of the congregation will be co-optation rather_than proclamation - like elements will have_to be assimilated .

Evangelism and congregational outreach have not been carefully studied in the churches ; one study in Pittsburgh , however , has illuminated the situation .

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[ adjective ] (religion) of or pertaining to or characteristic of a Congregational church