[ noun ] the restatement of a message (as a religious one) in rational terms

Used in print

(Schubert Ogden, Christ Without Myth....)

The absurd notion that demythologization entails the expurgation of all mythological concepts completely misrepresents Bultmann 's intention .

However , even if the latent demand for demythologization is not nearly as widespread as we are claiming , at_least among the cultured elements of the population there tends to be an almost complete indifference to the church and its traditional message of sin and grace .

When we say , then , that today , in our situation , the demand for demythologization must be accepted without condition , we are simply saying that at_least this much of the liberal tradition is an enduring achievement .

If the demand for demythologization is unavoidable and so must be accepted by theology unconditionally , the position of the `` right '' is clearly untenable .

Whereas Bultmann 's `` center '' position is structurally inconsistent and is therefore indefensible on formal grounds alone , the general position of the `` right '' , as represented , say , by Karl_Barth , involves the rejection or at_least qualification of the demand for demythologization and so is invalidated on the material grounds we have just considered .

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