[ verb ] discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of


"She detected high levels of lead in her drinking water" "We found traces of lead in the paint"

Used in print

(William G. Pollard, Physicist and Christian....)

The tragic irony of the play is that the very belief in and concern with a devil who could be met in the woods and combatted with formulae set_out in books was the very thing that prevented them from detecting the real devil when he came among them .

(Cornell H. Mayer, "Radio Emission of the Moon...)

Since the absorption of radio_waves in rocklike material varies with wave_length , it should be possible to sample the temperature variation at different depths beneath the surface and possibly detect changes in the structure or composition of the lunar surface material .

(James A. Ibers et al., "Proton magnetic resonance...)

The magnetic_resonance absorption was detected by employing a Varian model **f broad line spectrometer and the associated 12 - inch electromagnet system .

(J. F. Vedder, "Micrometeorites", in Francis S. J...)

With detectors sensitive to three mass intervals and based on a_few counts , the second and third Russian space_probes indicate that the flux of the smallest particles detected is less_than that of larger ones .

(M. Yokoyama et al., "Chemical and serological...)

In 2 of 15 experiments on whole serum a region of agglutinin activity with intermediate anionic binding capacity was detected ( Region 3 , Fig. 1 ) .

[ verb ] determine the existence of


"We detected traces of the poison in her food"

Used in print

(Brainard Cheney, "Christianity and the Tragic Vision-Ut...)

The show was colorful , indeed , exuberant , but the press for all its assiduity could detect no note of a fateful rendezvous with destiny .

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