[ verb ] have as a part, be made up out of


"The list includes the names of many famous writers"

Used in print

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

His contention was denied by several bankers , including Scott_Hudson of Sherman , Gaynor_B._Jones of Houston , J._B._Brady of Harlingen and Howard_Cox of Austin .

Extension of the ADC program to all children in need living with any relatives , including both parents , as a means of preserving family unity .

(The Sun, [Baltimore],...)

Ralph_Houk , successor to Casey_Stengel at the Yankee helm , plans to bring the entire New_York squad here from St._Petersburg , including Joe_Dimaggio and large crowds are anticipated for both weekend games .

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

He kicked several while playing at Stamford_High_School , including one that beat Anson , 3 - 0 , in a 1953 district game .

(The New York Times,...)

Named by Mayor_Wagner three years ago to head a committee that included James_A._Farley , Bernard_Gimbel and Clint_Blume , Shea worked relentlessly .

[ verb ] consider as part of something


"I include you in the list of culprits"

Used in print

(LeRoy Fothergill, "Biological Warfare", in Peter...)

One must include the preparation of soft_drinks and the processing of milk and milk products .

(Richard F. McLaughlin, et al., "A study of the...)

Within certain wide limits anatomy dictates function and , if one is permitted to speculate , potential pathology should be included in this statement as_well .

[ verb ] add as part of something else; put in as part of a set, group, or category


"We must include this chemical element in the group"

Used in print

(The Providence Journal...)

Several signers affixed their names , it was learned , after being told that no tax increase would be possible without consent of the General_Assembly and that a provision could be included in the charter to have the town take_over the Johnston_Sanitary_District sewer_system .

(The Philadelphia Inquirer,...)

Mrs._Monte_Tyson , chairman , says the work of 100 artists well_known in the Delaware_Valley area will be included in the exhibition and sale .

(Julia Newman, "Travel and Camera USA"...)

From here you can easily include a side trip to the old whaling port of Nantucket , Massachusetts , which looks just_as it must have two centuries ago .

Related terms

add chemistry

[ verb ] allow participation in or the right to be part of; permit to exercise the rights, functions, and responsibilities of


let_in admit


"admit someone to the profession" "She was admitted to the New Jersey Bar"

Used in print

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

The voices of all the characters , including that of Cherkasov , have richness , roughness or color to conform with the personalities .

(Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities. U.S. Dep...)

Purpose of this inventory is to include all eligible productive facilities in SBA 's facilities register so that the small business_concerns may have an opportunity to avail themselves of the services authorized by the Congress in establishing the Small_Business_Administration .

(Clifford H. Pope, The Giant Snakes....)

For four of the six ( the anaconda and the amethystine_python cannot be included for lack of data ) there is also a correlation between size at maturity and maximum length , the boa_constrictor being the smallest and the Indian_python the next in size at the former stage .

(W. E. B. DuBois, Worlds of Color....)

They hire a good_deal of local labor , including two members of our Trustee_Board .

(Leo Lemon, "Catch Up With" and "Something to...)

As he leads the Neurenschatz_Skolkau_Orchestra , Schlek gives a tremendously inspired performance of both the Baslot and Rattzhenfuut concertos , including the controversial Tschilwyk cadenza , which was included at the conductor 's insistence .