information has definitions from the fields of computer science,law,criminal law
[ noun ] a message received and understood that reduces the recipient's uncertainty



Used in print

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

Opponents generally argued that the ballot could n't give enough information about tax proposals for the voters to make an intelligent choice .

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

A_couple_of days later a balletomane told me he had telephoned Allied_Arts for ticket information and was told `` the newspapers had made a mistake '' .

(Edward Austin Walton, "On Education for the Interior...)

Working in a vacuum of minimal information can result only in show_pieces that look good in exhibitions and catalogs and may please the public_relations department but have little to do with the essence of interior_design .

At the end of its letter was the information that applicants for this position `` must also be prepared to teach costume design and advertising art '' .

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

Dr._H._V._Hilprecht , Professor of Assyrian at the University_of_Pennsylvania , dreamed that a Babylonian priest , associated with the king Kurigalzu , ( 1300 B.C. . ) escorted him to the treasure chamber of the temple of Bel , gave him six novel points of information about a certain broken relic , and corrected an error in its identification .

[ noun ] a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn




"statistical data"

[ noun ] knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction

Used in print

(Orlin J. Scoville, Part-Time Farming...)

Information on pages 8 to 14 may help you in deciding on the kind and scale of your farming venture .

(The Rev. John A. O'Brien, "Let's Take Birth Control...)

It called_for opposition to laws and institutional practices restricting the information or availability of contraceptives .

(Irving Fineman, Woman of Valor: The Life of Henrietta...)

Henrietta was discovering in the process of writing , as the born writer does , not merely a channel for the discharge of accumulated information but a stimulus to the development of the creative powers of observation , insight and intuition .

(Statements 87th Congress, 1st Session. Appropriations,...)

coordinate , correlate , and publish information with a view to advancing the development of low-cost saline water conversion projects ; and cooperate with other Federal_departments and agencies , with State and local_departments , agencies , and instrumentalities , and with interested persons , firms , institutions , and organizations .

All research within the United_States contracted for , sponsored , cosponsored , or authorized under authority of_this Act , shall be provided for in such manner that all information , uses , products , processes , patents , and other developments resulting from such research developed by Government expenditure will ( with such exceptions and limitations , if any , as the Secretary may find to be necessary in the interest of national defense ) be available to the general public .

[ noun ] (communication theory) a numerical measure of the uncertainty of an outcome


"the signal contained thousands of bits of information"

[ noun ] (law,criminal law) formal accusation of a crime

Used in print

(Frances and Richard Lockridge, Murder Has...)

`` They won n't talk_about who gave the information .

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