[ verb ] look over carefully


"Please inspect your father's will carefully"

Used in print

(Richard I. McCosh, "Recreation Site Selection"...)

Inspect the site in the field during the time of the year when the area will be most heavily used for recreation .

(Robert L. Duncan, The Voice of Strangers....)

When he had given the call a_few moments thought , he went_into the kitchen to ask Mrs._Yamata to prepare tea and sushi for the visitors , using the formal English china and the silver tea_service which had been donated to the mission , then he went outside to inspect the grounds .

(John Hazard Wildman, "Take It Off," The Arizona...)

Also , when she had bitten_off half of the small radish , she found the suspense unbearable ; and she would snatch the finger held half of the radish out to where she could inspect it .

He was so long thinking that my mother had time to inspect her sherry for dregs .

[ verb ] come to see in an official or professional capacity




"The governor visited the prison" "The grant administrator visited the laboratory"

Used in print

(Peter J. White, "Report on Laos"...)

An hour of bouncing , a brief stop in a village to inspect a new school or dispensary .

Related terms

visit inspection

[ verb ] of accounts and tax returns; with the intent to verify