[ verb ] move forward or upward in order to touch; also in a metaphorical sense




: "Government reaches out to the people"

Used in print

(George Harmon Coxe, Error of Judgement....)

The girl 's eyes were softly shining as she reached_out and touched Casey 's hand .

(Edwin Booth, Outlaw Town....)

He reached_out to pull the door shut and fasten it with a sliding bolt .

Curt reached_out and dropped Jess 's pistol back into the holster .

Related terms

move reach

[ verb ] reach outward in space


"This rock sticks out" "The awning extends several feet over the sidewalk"

Used in print

(Robert Penn Warren, Wilderness....)

He had seen a dry , old , yellowing hand reach_out , with that painful solicitude , to touch , to rearrange , to shift aimlessly , some object worth a pfennig .

But there was no need , he remembered , for his hand to reach_out , for his face to show concern or stoicism .

(William Maxwell, The Chateau....)

He reached_out and felt the bath_towel hanging_on the towel_rack over the tub .

Related terms


[ verb ] attempt to communicate


"I try to reach out to my daughter but she doesn't want to have anything to do with me"

Related terms

interact draw_out