[ verb ] push for something


urge advocate


"The travel agent recommended strongly that we not travel on Thanksgiving Day"

Used in print

(Chicago Daily Tribune...)

The President recommended federal `` matching grants '' totaling 700 million dollars in 10 years for constructing new medical and dental_schools or enlarging the capacity of existing ones .

In the child health field , the President said he will recommend later an increase in funds for programs under the children 's bureau .

(The Christian Science Monitor,...)

It recommends that the United_States `` seek instead to detach the Castro regime from the Communist bloc by working for a diplomatic detente and a resumption of trade relations ; and concentrate its constructive efforts on eliminating in other parts of Latin_America the social conditions on_which totalitarian nationalism feeds '' .

But he did recommend that President_Kennedy state clearly that if Communist countries shipped any further arms to Cuba that it would not be tolerated .

(The New York Times,...)

A committee of experts has recommended that a country 's population be considered in the distribution of professional posts at the United_Nations .

Related terms

propose importunity

[ verb ] express a good opinion of



Used in print

(Organic Gardening and Farming,...)

It has a great many assets to recommend it and if you have n't made avocado a part of your diet yet , you really should .

Good taste and versatility , plus safety from spray poisons would be enough to recommend the frequent use of such a fruit , even if its nutritional values were limited .

(Evan Esar, Humorous English; a guide to comic ,...)

It would be hard to find anything more equivocal than : `` I cannot recommend him too highly '' .

(Leo Lemon, "Catch Up With" and "Something to...)

This brief resume hardly does the book justice , but I heartily recommend it to all those who are engages with the major problems of our time .

Related terms

praise recommendation

[ verb ] make attractive or acceptable


"Honesty recommends any person"

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