redcoat has definitions from the fields of military,work
[ noun ] (military,work) British soldier; so-called because of his red coat, esp. during the Revolutionary War



Used in print

(Howard Fast, April Morning....)

Whatever we felt about the redcoats , we respected them in_terms_of their trade , which was killing ; and I know that I , myself , was nauseated with apprehension and fear and that my hands were soaking wet where they held my gun .

The gunfire , which was so near that it seemed just a piece up the road now , stopped for long enough to count to twenty ; and in that brief interval , a redcoat officer came tearing down the road , whipping his horse fit to kill .

The redcoat officer collapsed like a punctured bolster , and the horse reared and threw him from the saddle , except that one booted foot caught in the stirrup .

And now the redcoats were coming , and the gunfire was a part of the dust_cloud on the road to the west of us .

In my recollection , there was a long interval between the death of the officer and the appearance of the first of the retreating redcoats , and in that interval the dust_cloud over the road seems to hover indefinitely .

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