[ adjective ] made less in size or amount or degree



Used in print

([Anonymous,] "The Attack on Employee Services"...)

Do you measure its relation_to reduced absenteeism , turnover , accidents , and grievances , and to improved quality and output ?

(Public Papers of the Presidents of the U.S. D. D....)

In total , these increases in operating_costs outweigh the savings that result from declining programs and from economy measures , such_as reduced numbers of units and installations , smaller inventories of major equipment , and improvements in the supply and distribution systems of the Armed_Forces .

(Harold Searles, "Schizophrenic Communication,"...)

To a much less full extent , the hebephrenic person 's belching or flatus has a comparable communicative function ; in working with these patients the therapist eventually gets to do some at_least private mulling over of the possible meaning of a belch , or the passage of flatus , not_only because he is reduced to this for lack of anything else to analyze , but also because he learns that even these animal like sounds constitute forms of communication in which , from_time_to_time , quite different things are being said , long before the patient can become sufficiently aware of these , as distinct feelings and concepts , to say them in words .

[ adjective ] well below normal (especially in price)



Used in print

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

The bill is designed to provide special schooling for more deaf students in the scholastic age at a reduced cost to the state .

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