[ verb ] overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof


rebut disprove


"The speaker refuted his opponent's arguments"

Used in print

(Los Angeles Times,...)

Sprinkel strongly refuted the current neo-stagnationist thesis that we are facing a future of limited and slow growth , declaring that this pessimism `` is based on very limited and questionable evidence '' .

(Tracts published by American Tract Society,...)

At_one_time I became disturbed in the faith in_which I had grown_up by the apparent inroads being made upon both Old and New_Testaments by a `` Higher_Criticism '' of the Bible , to refute which I felt the need of a better knowledge of Hebrew and of archaeology , for it seemed to me that to pull_out some of the props of our faith was to weaken the entire structure .

[ verb ] prove to be false or incorrect


rebut controvert

Used in print

(Mignon G. Eberhart, The Cup, the Blade...)

Again the homely , everyday details of daily living refuted a vicious attempt to frighten her - or to murder her .

Related terms

disprove disprover