[ verb ] attribute to a source or cause


"We attributed this quotation to Shakespeare"

[ verb ] look on as or consider


: "she looked on this affair as a joke" "He thinks of himself as a brilliant musician"

Used in print

(Schubert Ogden, Christ Without Myth....)

His point is not that mythology may_not be used , but that it may no_longer be regarded_as the only or even the most appropriate conceptuality for expressing the Christian kerygma .

by analogy , the church also has been regarded_as entirely independent of the `` world '' in the sense of requiring nothing from it in_order to be the church .

(High Fidelity, 11:10...)

Since it requires only five players , it would seem to fall_into the category of chamber_music - yet it calls_for a double_bass , an instrument generally regarded_as symphonic .

(Frederick Mosteller et al., Probability with...)

Further , an experiment might consist_of five rounds , and several sets of five rounds might be regarded_as a super experiment composed of several repetitions of the five round experiment .

(Brand Blanshard, "The Emotive Theory," Robert...)

To find a place for them in their theory of knowledge would require them to revise the theory radically , and yet that theory was what they regarded_as their most important discovery .

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