[ adverb ] in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks


"he carried on regardless of the difficulties"

Used in print

(Tristram P. Coffin, "Folklore in the American Twentieth...)

Or does he sincerely want to tap the real springs of American attitude and culture regardless of how unpopular and embarrassing they may be ?

(M. Yokoyama et al., "Chemical and serological...)

The insoluble material which precipitated during dialysis against starting_buffer always showed intense agglutinin activity , regardless of the blood_group of the donor .

In all cases the activity against * * f cells was spread over a wider area than that with * * f cells , regardless of the type of test ( saline , albumin , indirect_Coombs ) used for comparison .

(Richard Ferber, Bitter Valley....)

They expected greater things from him , regardless of how trying the circumstances , and they were disappointed .

[ adjective ] (usually followed by `of') without due thought or consideration


"careless of the consequences" "the proverbial grasshopper--thoughtless of tomorrow" "crushing the blooms with regardless tread"

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