[ verb ] organize anew


reorganise shake_up


"We must reorganize the company if we don't want to go under"

Used in print

(The New York Times,...)

But it would greatly strengthen any Mayor 's executive powers , remove the excuse in large degree that he is a captive of inaction in the Board of Estimate , increase his budget-making authority both as to expense and capital budgets , and vest in him the right to reorganize city departments in the interest of efficiency and economy .

(Joseph E. Choate, "The American Boating Scene"...)

In 1959 , the Yacht_Safety_Bureau was reorganized by the National_Association of Engine and Boat Manufacturers and a group of insurance underwriters to provide a testing laboratory and labeling service for boats and their equipment .

(Frank Lorimer, Demographic Information on...)

The whole system was again reviewed and reorganized in 1933 .

[ verb ] organize anew, as after a setback


regroup reorganise

Used in print

(James D. Horan, The Shadow Catcher....)

Far up the valley I could see the Rees circling and reorganizing .

Related terms

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