repay has definitions from the field of business
[ verb ] pay back


"Please refund me my money"

Used in print

(Organic Gardening and Farming,...)

Give them food , some shade , mulch , water and more food , and they 'll repay your solicitude with beauty .

(Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities. U.S. Dep...)

The record of past earnings and prospects for the future must indicate it has the ability to repay the loan out of current and anticipated income .

Funds contributed by the Government are repaid by a royalty on production from the property .

If nothing is produced , there is no obligation to repay .

A 5 - percent royalty is paid on any production during the period the contract is in_effect ; if the Government certifies that production may be possible from the property , the royalty obligation continues for the 10 - year period usually specified in the contract or until the Government 's contribution is repaid with interest .

[ verb ] (business) make repayment for or return something



Used in print

(Patrick Dennis, Little Me....)

More_than once I was confronted by professional gamblers , `` bookies '' , loan `` sharks '' , gangsters , `` thugs '' and `` finger men '' - people of a class I did not even know existed - to repay my husband 's staggering losses , `` or_else '' .

Related terms

give pay repayment

[ verb ] act or give recompensation in recognition of someone's behavior or actions


pay_back reward

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act wages

[ verb ] answer back

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answer rejoinder