[ verb ] require as useful, just, or proper


"It takes nerve to do what she did" "success usually requires hard work" "This job asks a lot of patience and skill" "This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice" "This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert"

Used in print

(Norman Kent, "The Watercolor Art of Roy M. Mason"...)

It is for this reason that Roy avoids selecting subjects that require specific recognition of place for their enjoyment .

(John R. Sargent, "Where To Aim Your Planning for Bigger...)

Providing good customer service requires as thorough a marketing and general management planning job as the original selling of the product .

Proper follow-through requires training your own sales organization , and your distributor organizations , not_only in the techniques but also in good customer relations .

The change may require different products , pricing , packaging , warehousing , salesmanship , advertising and executive attention - practically every link in the marketing network may have to be adjusted .

([Anonymous,] "The Attack on Employee Services"...)

Which is more economical for your plant - a vacation shutdown or spaced vacations that require extra employees for vacation fill-ins ?

[ verb ] consider obligatory; request and expect


expect ask


"We require our secretary to be on time" "Aren't we asking too much of these children?" "I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons"

Used in print

(Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities. U.S. Dep...)

Each applicant is required to own or have sufficient interest in the property to be explored .

(Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land....)

His chelas were required to assume the matsyendra posture dressed in hand-woven diapers while he read aloud from Rig-Veda and an assistant guru examined their purses in another room - nothing was stolen ; the purpose was less immediate .

Related terms

demand call expectation

[ verb ] make someone do something


command compel

Used in print

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

It would authorize the Texas_Education_Agency to establish county-wide day_schools for the deaf in counties of 300000 or more population , require deaf children between 6 and 13 years of_age to attend the day_schools , permitting older ones to attend the residential Texas_School_for_the_Deaf here .

Grover also would require junior senior_high teachers to have at_least 24 semester_hours credit in the subject they are teaching .

College teachers in Texas are not required to have the Education courses .

(Leo Lemon, "Catch Up With" and "Something to...)

For_example , to move ( as the score requires ) from the lowest F major register up_to a barely audible N minor in four seconds , not skipping , at_the_same_time , even one of the 407 fingerings , seems a feat too absurd to consider , and it is to the flautist 's credit that he remained silent throughout the passage .

[ verb ] have need of


want need


: "This piano wants the attention of a competent tuner"

Used in print

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

When consciousness deserts the sleeping body and the wakeful world , it continues in the myriad progressions of the ever-present past and future , in a life as vibrant and real as the one left when the body tired and required sleep .

(S. J. Perelman, The Rising Gorge. New York:...)

Since the latter obviously require an audacity you do not possess , you may perhaps suppose that I am taunting you as socially inferior .

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be cry lack need necessity