woodwork has definitions from the fields of work,business
[ noun ] work made of wood; especially moldings or stairways or furniture

Used in print

(Jay C. Harris and John R. Van Wazer, "Detergent...)

Hard surface cleaning in household application is represented by two classes of alkaline products : ( 1 ) the formulations made expressly for machine dishwashers , and ( 2 ) the general-purpose cleaners used for walls and woodwork .

In_addition , many of the hard surface cleaners used for walls and woodwork had their genesis in trisodium_orthophosphate , which is still the major ingredient of a number of such products .

(James Thurber, "The Future, If Any, of Comedy,"...)

`` Too many of our writers seem to be interested only in creatures that crawl out of the woodwork or from under the rock '' .

[ noun ] (work,business) the craft of a carpenter: making things out of wood