18 has definitions from the field of mathematics
[ adjective ] being one more than seventeen


eighteen xviii

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(Norman Kent, "The Watercolor Art of Roy M. Mason"...)

the water sign of Pisces ( February 18 - March 20 ) .

(Legislation on Foreign Relations. Committee on Foreign...)

In_addition to the penalties provided in title 18 , United_States Code , section 1001 , any person guilty of any act , as provided therein , with_respect_to any matter under this Title , shall forfeit all rights under this Title , and , if payment shall have been made or granted , the Commission shall take such action as may be necessary to recover the same .

(U.S. Reports. Volume 366. Cases Adjudged in the...)

This Court 's judgment was filed in the District_Court on July 18 , 1957 .

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[ noun ] (mathematics) the cardinal number that is the sum of seventeen and one


XVIII eighteen

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