[ adverb ] to a small degree; somewhat


a_bit a_trifle


"it's a bit warm" "felt a little better" "a trifle smaller"

Used in print

(Bell I. Wiley, "Home Letters of Johnny Reb and Billy...)

A Georgia soldier gave his wife the following description of the cause and consequence of diarrhoea : `` I have bin a_little sick with diorah two or three days .

(Helen Hooven Santmyer, "There Were Fences"...)

The part of the mind that preserves dates and events may remonstrate , `` It could have been like that for only a_little while '' ; but true memory does not count nor add : it holds fast to things that were and they are outside of time .

(Randall Stewart, "A Little History, a Little Honesty: A...)

The cliche loses its talismanic virtue in the light of a_little history .

He seemed a_little surprised that it should have caused any particular trouble anywhere .

Our Northern brethren also I believe felt a_little tender under those censures ; for though their people had very few slaves themselves , yet they had been pretty considerable carriers of them to others '' .