ambassador has definitions from the field of work
[ noun ] (work) a diplomat of the highest rank; accredited as representative from one country to another



Used in print

(Peter J. White, "Report on Laos"...)

What had been the ambassador 's suite was now jagged walls of blackened brick .

(The Department of State: A Fresh Look at the...)

If the Department_of_State is to take primary responsibility for foreign_policy in Washington , it follows that the ambassador is expected to take_charge overseas .

If any official operation abroad begins to go_wrong , we shall look_to the ambassador to find_out why and to get suggestions for remedial action .

The senior policy officer may be moved to think hard about a problem by any of an infinite variety of stimuli : an idea in his own head , the suggestions of a colleague , a question from the Secretary or the President , a proposal by another department , a communication from a foreign government or an American ambassador abroad , the filing of an item for the agenda of the United_Nations or of any other of dozens of international bodies , a news_item read at the breakfast_table , a question to the President or the Secretary at a news_conference , a speech by a Senator or Congressman , an article in a periodical , a resolution from a national organization , a request for assistance from some private American interests abroad , et_cetera , ad_infinitum .

Which American ambassadors could provide helpful advice ?

[ noun ] an informal representative


"an ambassador of good will"

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