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[ noun ] (physics) a degree on the Fahrenheit scale of temperature

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(Organic Gardening and Farming,...)

The fruit is then cooled to 42 ` F. , a temperature at which it lapses into a sort_of dormant state .

(B. J. D. Meeuse, The Story of Pollination....)

The survivors emerge on some nice , sunny day in March or April , when the temperature is close to 50 ` F and there is not too_much wind .

(Ross E. McKinney and Howard Edde, "Aerated...)

Very little protozoa activity existed below 40 ` F .

When the temperature reached 32 ` F all protozoan activity ceased ; but as the temperature rose , the numbers of protozoa increased rapidly .

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[ adjective ] of a temperature scale that registers the freezing point of water as 32 degrees F and the boiling point as 212 degrees F at one atmosphere of pressure


Fahr fahrenheit


"the Fahrenheit scale"

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[ noun ] (chemistry) a nonmetallic univalent element belonging to the halogens; usually a yellow irritating toxic flammable gas; a powerful oxidizing agent; recovered from fluorite or cryolite or fluorapatite
[ noun ] the 6th letter of the Roman alphabet

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letter Roman_alphabet

[ noun ] (physics) the capacitance of a capacitor that has an equal and opposite charge of 1 coulomb on each plate and a voltage difference of 1 volt between the plates