[ verb ] be included in or classified as




"This falls under the rubric 'various'."

Used in print

(High Fidelity, 11:10...)

Since it requires only five players , it would seem to fall_into the category of chamber_music - yet it calls_for a double_bass , an instrument generally regarded_as symphonic .

(Edward P. Lawton, "Northern Liberals and Southern...)

When I question them as_to what they mean by concepts like liberty and democracy , I find that they fall_into two categories : the simpler ones who have simply accepted the shibboleths of their faith without analysis ; and the intelligent , cynical ones who scornfully reply that these things do n't count any_more in the world of to-day .

(Jay C. Harris and John R. Van Wazer, "Detergent...)

This is particularly true of highly charged ions , especially those ions which fall_into the class of polyelectrolytes .

(R. P. Jerrard, "Inscribed squares in plane curves"...)

The first possibility results in a closed_interval of tangent points in the f-plane , the end_points of which fall_into category ( b ) or ( c ) .

(Robert Penn Warren, Wilderness....)

Then the words fell_into a pattern : `` Mollie_the_Mutton is scratching her nose , Scratching her nose in the rain .

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