fear has definitions from the field of religion
[ noun ] an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)


fright fearfulness

Used in print

(Musical America, LXXXI:5...)

After this holocaust , a changing world occupied the minds of men ; a world beset with new boundaries , new treaties and governments , new goals and methods , and the age-old fears of aggression and subjugation - hunger and exposure .

(Harold Rosenberg, "The Trial and Eichmann"...)

Not through fear of disobeying orders , as Eichmann kept trying to explain , but through a peculiar giddiness that began in a half acceptance of the vicious absurdities contained in the Nazi interpretation of history and grew with each of Hitler 's victories into a permanent light_mindedness and sense of magical rightness that was able to respond to any proposal , and the more outrageous the better , `` Well , let 's try it '' .

(Peter J. White, "Report on Laos"...)

The first rattle of the machine_guns , at 7 : 10 in the evening , roused around me the varied voices and faces of fear .

Throughout the land their hit-and-run terrorists spread fear of ambush and death .

(Brainard Cheney, "Christianity and the Tragic Vision-Ut...)

The socialism implicit_in the slogan of the Roosevelt Revolution , freedom from want and fear , seems a far cry from the individualism of the First_Amendment to the Constitution , or of the Jacksonian frontier .

[ verb ] be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event


"I fear she might get aggressive"

Used in print

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

Many local citizens feared that there would be irregularities at the polls , and Williams got himself a permit to carry a gun and promised an orderly election .

(Frank Oppenheimer, "Science and Fear-- A Discussion...)

We are not now afraid of atomic_bombs in the same way that people once feared comets .

Small wonder , then , that we fear .

(Evan Esar, Humorous English; a guide to comic ,...)

`` I fear explanations explanatory of things explained '' , he said , leaving the biter bit - and bitter .

Related terms

worry concern

[ verb ] be afraid or scared of; be frightened of




"I fear the winters in Moscow" "We should not fear the Communists!"

Used in print

(Joyce O. Hertzler, American Social Institutions;...)

His religious_beliefs provide him with plausible explanations for many conditions which cause him great concern , and his religious faith makes possible fortitude , equanimity , and consolation , enabling him to endure colossal misfortune , fear , frustration , uncertainty , suffering , evil , and danger .

(Louis Zara, Dark Rider....)

For he feared the Lake_of_Fire .

(James Thurber, "The Future, If Any, of Comedy,"...)

`` The political and intellectual Left began fighting humor and comedy years ago , because they fear things they do not understand and cannot manage , such_as satire and irony , such_as humor and comedy .

Related terms

panic apprehension

[ noun ] an anxious feeling


concern care


"care had aged him" "they hushed it up out of fear of public reaction"

Used in print

(Allan J. Braff and Roger F. Miller, "Wage-Price...)

Where the industry 's product price has been kept below the `` profit_maximizing '' and `` entry limiting '' prices due_to fears of public reaction , the profit seeking producers have an interest in offering little real resistance to wage demands .

The threat of effective anti-trust action , provoked by `` gouging the public '' through price increases not justified by cost increases , and fears of endangering relations with customers , Congress , the general public and the press , all operate to keep price increases in some relation to cost increases .

(Harry Olesker, Impact....)

She had skipped her lunch hour in the fear that he might call while she was out .

Related terms

anxiety concern

[ verb ] be sorry; used to introduce an unpleasant statement


: "I fear I won't make it to your wedding party"

Used in print

(Vina Delmar, The Big Family....)

`` More arrests , I fear '' .

Related terms


[ noun ] (religion) a profound emotion inspired by a deity


"the fear of God"

Related terms

emotion reverence

[ verb ] be uneasy or apprehensive about


"I fear the results of the final exams"

Related terms


[ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 25619
[ verb ] (religion) regard with feelings of respect and reverence; consider hallowed or exalted or be in awe of


"Fear God as your father" "We venerate genius"