[ noun ] a boy or man


"that chap is your host" "there's a fellow at the door" "he's a likable cuss"

Used in print

(Rocky Mountains News, [Denver, Colorado],...)

Spahn not_only is a superior pitcher but a gentlemanly fine fellow , a ball_player 's ball_player , as they say in the trade .

(The Providence Journal...)

Since the hero , a sterling and upright fellow , is a rich Brown senior , while two Yalies are cast as virtual rapists , I suppose I should disqualify myself from sitting in judgment on `` Where_the_Boys_are '' , but I shall do nothing of the sort .

(Howard Nemerov, "Themes and Methods: The Early...)

The cyclist , a sufficiently commonplace young fellow , is not named but identified simply as `` Life '' - that and a license_number , which Piepsam uses in addressing him .

(Tristram Coffin, Not to the Swift....)

Do you get_the_picture of the kind of fellow he was '' ?

`` He recommended both of them for the DSM and the Detroit fellow for the Purple_Heart , too , for a combat inflicted wound .

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male dog

[ noun ] a person who is frequently in the company of another


"drinking companions" "comrades in arms"

Used in print

(Joyce O. Hertzler, American Social Institutions;...)

If the inner functions of religion are performed , the individual is a composed , ordered , motivated , and emotionally secure associate ; he is not greatly frustrated , and he is not anomic ; he is better fitted to perform his social life among his fellows .

[ noun ] a person who is member of your class or profession


confrere colleague


"the surgeon consulted his colleagues" "he sent e-mail to his fellow hackers"

Used in print

(Kenneth Reiner, "Coping with Runaway Technology"...)

Also , I am convinced that if my company were a sole proprietorship instead of a partnership , I would have been even abler to solve long-range problems for myself and my fellow employees .

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[ adjective ] being associated as a companion or associate


brother sister


"fellow traveler" "brother workers" "sister ship"

Used in print

(Musical America, LXXXI:5...)

The early works were conceived for a sophisticated , international audience ; the later works were conceived to affirm a way_of_life for fellow citizens .

His fellow countryman , Igor Stravinsky , certainly did not .

(Booton Herndon, "From Custer to Korea, The 7th Cavalry"...)

Many_of his fellow officers refused to speak_to him .

(Barry Goldwater, "A Foreign Policy for America"...)

I speak_of `` the largest possible measure '' because any person who supposes that these conditions can be universally and perfectly achieved - ever - reckons without the inherent imperfectability of himself and his fellow human_beings , and is therefore a dangerous man to have around .

(Raymond J. Corsini et al., Roleplaying in Business...)

The engineer had more_than seven years of experience in the firm , was well trained , was considered a hard_worker , was respected by his fellow engineers for his technical competence and was regarded_as a `` comer '' .

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[ noun ] an informal form of address for a man




"Say, fellow, what are you doing?" "Hey buster, what's up?"

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[ noun ] a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman


"if I'd known he was her boyfriend I wouldn't have asked"

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