fence_line has definitions from the field of geography
[ noun ] (geography) a boundary line created by a fence

Used in print

(Successful Farming, 59:12...)

There are three principal feed_bunk types for dairy and beef_cattle : ( 1 ) Fence-line bunks - cattle eat from one side while feed is put_in from the opposite side of the fence by self unloading wagons ; ( 2 ) Mechanized bunks - they sit within the feed_lot , are filled by a mechanical conveyor above feeding surface ; ( 3 ) Special bunks - as discussed here , they permit cattle to eat from all sides .

Animals eat only from one side , so the fence-line bunk must be twice as long as the mechanical bunk .

Because of their location , on the edge of the feed_lot , fence-line bunks are not in_the_way_of mechanical manure removal .

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