fibrosis has definitions from the fields of medicine,pathology
[ noun ] (medicine,pathology) development of excess fibrous connective tissue in an organ

Used in print

(J. W. C. Hagstrom et al., "Debilitating muscular...)

Splenomegaly was first noted in 1956 , and a sternal marrow biopsy at that time showed `` scattered foci of fibrosis '' suggestive_of myelofibrosis .

Microscopically , there was emphysema , fibrosis , and vascular congestion .

There were slight fibrosis and marked arteriolosclerosis .

Microscopically , both kidneys showed many small cortical scars in which there was glomerular and interstitial fibrosis , tubular atrophy , and an infiltration of lymphocytes and plasma cells .

There was no evidence of fibrosis .