foot_rot has definitions from the field of medicine
[ noun ] (medicine) contagious degenerative infection of the feet of hoofed animals (especially cattle and sheep)

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(Successful Farming, 59:12...)

As an aid in reducing bacterial diarrhea and preventing foot_rot , feed not less than 0.1 milligram per pound of body_weight daily .

For calves , feed not less than 50 grams of Aureomycin per ton complete feed as an aid in preventing bacterial diarrhea and foot_rot .

For cows , feed providing an intake of 0.1 milligram of Aureomycin per pound of body_weight daily aids in the reduction of bacterial diarrhea , in the prevention of foot_rot , and in the reduction of losses due_to respiratory infection ( infectious rhinotracheitis - shipping_fever complex ) .

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[ noun ] (medicine) plant disease in which the stem or trunk rots at the base

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