forty has definitions from the field of mathematics
[ adjective ] being ten more than thirty


40 twoscore xl

Used in print

(Edward Austin Walton, "On Education for the Interior...)

An examination of some forty catalogs of schools offering courses in interior_design , for_the_most_part schools accredited by membership in the National_Association_of_Schools_of_Art , and a further `` on_the_spot '' inspection of a number of schools , show their courses adhere pretty closely to the recommendations .

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

Before he was forty Griffith had created the art of the film .

(S. Idell Pyle, et al., Onsets, Completions, and...)

Forty other figures similar to 5 and 6 and the original data used in the construction of all figures and tables in this monograph have been included in the Appendix .

(Jim Berry Pearson, The Maxwell Land Grant....)

To the west of this road was another low bluff , forty or fifty feet high , covered with scrub_oak and other brush .

(Edwin L. Bigelow and Nancy H. Otis,...)

Another veteran telephone_operator was Edith_Fleming_Blackmer , who had been in the office forty years at the time of her death in 1960 .

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[ noun ] (mathematics) the cardinal number that is the product of ten and four


40 XL

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