[ adverb ] in a free manner


"the painting featured freely brushed strokes"

Used in print

(Norman Kent, "The Watercolor Art of Roy M. Mason"...)

For me , these will belong more completely to their surroundings if they are conceived in this early stage , though I freely admit that I do not hesitate to add or eliminate figures on the full sheet when it serves my final purpose .

In my studio I work at a tilt-top_table , but leave the paper unfixed so that I can move it freely to control the washes .

(Kenneth Allsop, The Bootleggers and Their Era...)

He killed accurately , freely , and dispassionately .

(William C. Smith, "Why Fear Ideas?"...)

But what a super Herculean task it is to winnow anything of value from the mud_beplastered arguments used so freely , particularly since such common use is made of cliches and stereotypes , in themselves declarations of intellectual bankruptcy .

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