[ adjective ] disappointingly unsuccessful


"disappointed expectations and thwarted ambitions" "their foiled attempt to capture Calais" "many frustrated poets end as pipe-smoking teachers" "his best efforts were thwarted"

Used in print

(Edward Jablonski, Harold Arlen Happy with the Blues....)

Thoroughly modern in treatment , they are at_the_same_time , full of simple sincerity which invariably characterizes genuine Negro folk-music and are by_no_means to be confused with the average ' Broadway Spirituals ' which depend for their racial flavor upon sundry allusions to the ' Amen_Corner ' , ' judgement_day ' , ' Gabriel 's horn ' , and a frustrated devil - with a_few random ' Hallelujahs ' thrown_in for_good_measure .

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[ adjective ] used especially of feelings of defeat and discouragement

Used in print

(Joyce O. Hertzler, American Social Institutions;...)

If the inner functions of religion are performed , the individual is a composed , ordered , motivated , and emotionally secure associate ; he is not greatly frustrated , and he is not anomic ; he is better fitted to perform his social life among his fellows .

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