jeep has definitions from the field of transportation
[ noun ] (transportation) a car suitable for traveling over rough terrain



Used in print

(Peter J. White, "Report on Laos"...)

We talked after I hailed his Jeep marked with the U._N. flag .

We rode over roads so rough that our Jeep came to rest atop the soil between ruts , all four wheels spinning uselessly .

And so , after a flight southeast to Savannakhet , we found ourselves bouncing along in a Jeep right behind the Land-Rover of Prince_Boun_Oum of Champassak , a tall man of Churchillian mien in a bush_jacket and a ten-gallon_hat from Texas .

But our two Jeep mates - Keo_Viphakone from Luang_Prabang and John_Cool from Beaver , Pennsylvania - were beaming under their coatings of dust .

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