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[ noun ] (Judaism,religion,Christianity) a prophet of the first century; to Christians he was both God and man--the Messiah sent to save the human race from the sin it inherited through the Fall of Man (circa 8 BC - 29 AD)

Used in print

(Jaroslav Pelikan, The Shape of Death: life, death and...)

His death is his alone , yet each man can see his own death in the crucifixion of Jesus .

(Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy....)

They took Jesus 's body , then , and wrapped it in winding-clothes with the spices ; that is how the Jews prepare a body for burial .

Search as he might , he could find no place where the Bible spoke of a moment when Mary could have been alone with Jesus .

In his sculpture therefore it would not be possible for him to project anything of what Jesus felt for his mother ; only what Mary felt for her son .

Jesus ' inert body would be passive , his eyes closed .

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