junior has definitions from the field of education
[ noun ] term of address for a disrespectful and annoying male


"look here, junior, it's none of your business"

Used in print

(Robert A. Futterman, The Future of Our Cities....)

But whenever a major purchase was contemplated forty years ago - a new bedroom_set or a winter coat , an Easter bonnet , a bicycle for Junior - the family set_off for the downtown department_store , where the selection would be greatest .

(Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land....)

Foster listened with angelic patience until Digby ran_down , then said , `` Listen , junior , you 're an angel now - so forget it .

Get Happy , junior '' !

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[ adjective ] younger; lower in rank; shorter in length of tenure or service

Used in print

(The Department of State: A Fresh Look at the...)

We want to make sure that our junior colleagues realize that ideas are welcome , that initiative goes right down to the bottom and goes all_the_way to the top .

The wrong man in the wrong position , perhaps even in a junior position abroad , can be a source of great harm to our policy ; the attitudes of a U.N. delegate who experiences difficulty in finding adequate housing in New_York_City , or of a foreign diplomat in similar circumstances in our Capital , can be easily be directed against the United_States and all that it stands_for .

(Doris Miles Disney, Mrs. Meeker's Money....)

Youngish man on_the_make , Madden labeled him , and was ready to guess that in a correct , not too pushing fashion , the junior partner of the firm had political ambitions ; that Mrs._Garth would be impeccably suitable as the wife of a rising young lawyer ; that there were three children , two boys and a girl ; that she was active in the Woman 's Club and he in Lions , Rotary , and Jaycee ; and finally , that neither of them had harbored an unorthodox opinion since their wedding_day .

[ adjective ] (education) used of the third or next to final year in United States high school or college


"the junior class" "a third-year student"

Used in print

(David Boroff, "Jewish Teen-Age Culture"...)

However , in their junior and senior years , they generally forego their athletic pursuits , presumably in the interest of better academic achievement .

Although Brooklyn_College does not_yet have a junior year abroad program , a good number of students spend summers in Europe .

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[ noun ] (education) a third-year undergraduate

Used in print

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch,...)

Kieffer , the only junior in the group , was commended for his ability to hit in the clutch , as_well as his all-round excellent play .

(E. Lucas Myers, "The Vindication of Dr. Nestor,"...)

`` It 's been going since 1908 when I was a junior in college .

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[ noun ] the younger of two men

Used in print

(Bern Dibner, "Oerstad and the Discovery of Electro...)

The two older boys , Hans and Anders , his junior by a year , therefore went daily to the home of a warm and friendly wigmaker nearby for instruction in German ; his wife taught the two boys to read and write Danish .

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[ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 12396
[ noun ] Man's first name, popularity rank in the U.S. is 532
[ adjective ] including or intended for youthful persons


"a junior sports league" "junior fashions"

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[ noun ] a son who has the same first name as his father


Jnr Jr

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