[ adjective ] not existing


"innovation has been sadly lacking" "character development is missing from the book"

Used in print

(Kenneth Reiner, "Coping with Runaway Technology"...)

Leadership is lacking in our society because it has no legitimate place to develop .

(Allan J. Braff and Roger F. Miller, "Wage-Price...)

Price_competition is lacking .

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[ adjective ] inadequate in amount or degree


deficient wanting


"a deficient education" "deficient in common sense" "lacking in stamina" "tested and found wanting"

Used in print

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

The City_Purchasing_Department , the jury said , `` is lacking in experienced clerical personnel as a result of city personnel policies '' .

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch,...)

Benington recalled that he once told Hartweger that he doubted Gordon would ever play much for him because he seemed to be lacking in all of the accepted basketball skills .

(The Providence Journal...)

Certainly in the matter of principals there is nothing lacking .

(High Fidelity, 11:10...)

The assisting musicians from the Vienna_Octet are somewhat lacking in expertise , but their contribution is rustic and appealing .

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