lat has definitions from the fields of anatomy,zoology
[ noun ] (anatomy,zoology) a broad flat muscle on either side of the back



Used in print

(Mr. America, 4:6...)

So right_away Claude introduced Henri to his famous `` moon '' bench and proceeded to teach him his first Push-Pull_Super-Set consisting_of the wide grip Straight-Arm_Pullover ( the `` pull '' part of the Push-Pull_Super-Set ) which dramatically widens the rib_cage and strongly affects the muscles of the upper back and chest , and the collar-to-collar Bench_Press which specifically works_on the chest to build those wide , Reeves-type `` gladiator '' pecs , while stimulating the upper lats and frontal deltoids .

( Note how strongly the upper lats and serratus are worked in this fine exercise because of the pin_point concentration of force which the dumbbell variation affords ) .

By this time Henri 's entire chest back - lat shoulder area is pumped-up to almost bursting point , and Claude takes time to do a_bit more pectoral front deltoid shaping work .

This gives a wide flare to the pecs , causing them to flow dramatically upward into deltoids and dramatically downward into the serratus and lats .

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