louisiana has definitions from the fields of government,geography
[ noun ] (government,geography) a state in southern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War


la Pelican_State

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(Bell I. Wiley, "Home Letters of Johnny Reb and Billy...)

On December 9 , 1862 , Sergeant_Edwin_H._Fay , an unusual Louisianan who held A._B. and M._A. degrees from Harvard_University and who before the war was headmaster of a private_school for boys in Louisiana , wrote his wife :

(Arlin Turner, "William Faulkner, Southern Novelist"...)

Thorpe came to Louisiana from the East as a young man prepared to find in the new country the setting of romantic adventure and idealized beauty .

(Committee for Economic Development, Distressed...)

For a number of years Kentucky , Louisiana and several other states have been building state sponsored vocational education schools that serve nearby school districts in several counties .