[ noun ] the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized


"it is the nature of fire to burn" "the true nature of jealousy"

Used in print

(Jaroslav Pelikan, The Shape of Death: life, death and...)

There are some passages in the writings of Irenaeus where the image of God and the similitude are sharply distinguished , so most notably in the statement : `` If the [ Holy ] Spirit is absent from the soul , such a man is indeed of an animal nature ; and , being left carnal , he will be an imperfect being , possessing the image [ of God ] in his formation , but not receiving the similitude [ of God ] through the Spirit '' .

(Frank Getlein and Harold C. Gardiner, S.J., Movies,...)

The simple , naked idea of one man chasing another is of its nature better fitted for the film than it is for any other form of fiction .

(Edward P. Lawton, "Northern Liberals and Southern...)

The nature of the opposition between liberals and Bourbons is too little understood in the North .

As for states ' rights , they have never counted in the thinking of my liberal friends except as irritations of a minor and immoral nature which exist now only as anachronisms .

(Frank Oppenheimer, "Science and Fear-- A Discussion...)

Perhaps the most illuminating example of the reduction of fear through understanding is derived from our increased knowledge of the nature of disease .

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quality characteristic

[ noun ] a causal agent creating and controlling things in the universe


"the laws of nature" "nature has seen to it that men are stronger than women"

Used in print

(Philip Reaves, "Who Rules the Marriage Bed?"...)

Beyond a certain point , of_course , no woman can be dominant - nature has seen to that .

When a husband is sexually selfish and heedless of his wife 's desires , she is cheated of the fulfillment and pleasure nature intended for her .

(Kenneth Reiner, "Coping with Runaway Technology"...)

Hence the prime issue , as I see it , is whether a democratic or free society can master technology for the benefit of mankind , or whether technology will rule and develop its own society compatible with its own needs as a force of nature .

We are already committed to establishing man 's supremacy over nature and everywhere on earth , not merely in the limited social political economical context we are fond of today .

(A.L. Kroeber, "Semantic Contribution of Lexicostatistic...)

They isolate out easily , naturally , and unambiguously from the continuum of nature and existence ; and they should be given priority in the basic list as long as they continue to show these qualities .

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[ noun ] a wild primitive state untouched by civilization


"he lived in the wild"

Used in print

(Organic Gardening and Farming,...)

Nature 's aim , different from ours , is to provide for the coming generation .

(Chester G. Starr, The Origins of Greek Civili...)

The potters , in_particular , had virtually eschewed freehand drawing , elaborate motifs , and the curving lines of nature , while yet expressing a belief that there was order in the universe .

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state crudeness

[ noun ] the natural physical world including plants and animals and landscapes etc.


"they tried to preserve nature as they found it"

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[ noun ] everything that exists anywhere


"they study the evolution of the universe" "the biggest tree in existence"

Used in print

(Guy Bolton, The Olympians....)

Pausing in the doorway he said : `` The form of the human female , unlike her mind and her spirit , is the most challenging loveliness in all nature '' .

(E. Lucas Myers, "The Vindication of Dr. Nestor,"...)

Time elapsed but the doctor was obviously unconscious of its passage until an unwelcome knock on the door interrupted the processes of nature .

[ noun ] the complex of emotional and intellectual attributes that determine a person's characteristic actions and reactions


: "it is his nature to help others"

Used in print

(High Fidelity, 11:10...)

The many and frequent performances of the Trout serve to emphasize the dual nature of its writing .

[ noun ] all non-artificial phenomena

Used in print

(Tristram Coffin, Not to the Swift....)

He had dared to defy nature , to turn his back to the Lorelei , and he was punished .

[ noun ] a particular type of thing


"problems of this type are very difficult to solve" "he's interested in trains and things of that nature" "matters of a personal nature"

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