orthodox has definitions from the fields of Judaism,religion
[ adjective ] (religion) of or pertaining to or characteristic of Judaism




"Orthodox Judaism"

Used in print

(David Boroff, "Jewish Teen-Age Culture"...)

One boy said querulously about Orthodox Jews : `` It 's the twentieth century , and they do n't have_to wear beards '' .

It appears that an Orthodox girl in the community disrupted plans for an outing sponsored by one of the Jewish service groups because she would not travel on Saturday and , in_addition , required kosher food .

Another girl from a relatively large midwestern city described herself as `` the only Orthodox girl in town '' .

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religion Judaism Judaism

[ adjective ] adhering to what is commonly accepted


"an orthodox view of the world"

Used in print

(Newton Stallknecht, "Ideas and Literature," in Newton S...)

After_all , Shelley is no `` orthodox '' or Hellenic Platonist , and even his `` romantic '' Platonism can be distinguished from that of his contemporaries .

(Morley Callaghan, A Passion in Rome....)

Or a Protestant , or one of those amusing dogmatic atheists , or a strict orthodox Communist .

Devout , orthodox and plain like a family she might meet in Brooklyn or Malta or Ireland .

[ adjective ] (religion) of or relating to or characteristic of the Eastern Orthodox Church