radio_emission has definitions from the field of physics
[ noun ] (physics) an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between 0.5 cm to 30,000 m

Used in print

(Cornell H. Mayer, "Radio Emission of the Moon...)

It has recently become practical to use the radio_emission of the moon and planets as a new source of information about these bodies and their atmospheres .

The results of present observations of the thermal radio_emission of the moon are consistent with the very low thermal conductivity of the surface layer which was derived from the variation in the infrared_emission during eclipses ( e.g. , Garstung , 1958 ) .

Observations of the radio_emission of a planet which has an extensive atmosphere will probe the atmosphere to_a_greater_extent than those using shorter wave_lengths and should in some cases give otherwise unobtainable information about the characteristics of the solid surface .

The observed intensity of the radio_emission of Venus is much higher than the expected thermal intensity , although the spectrum indicated by measurements at wave_lengths near 3 cm and 10 cm is like that of a black_body at about 600 ` K .

For the case of Jupiter , the radio_emission spectrum is definitely not like the spectrum of a black-body radiator , and it seems very likely that the radiation reaching the earth is a combination of thermal radiation from the atmosphere and non thermal components .