rh_antibody has definitions from the fields of chemistry,zoology,biochemistry,immunology
[ noun ] (chemistry,zoology,biochemistry,immunology) rhesus factor antibody

Used in print

(M. Yokoyama et al., "Chemical and serological...)

Abelson and Rawson , using a stepwise elution scheme , fractionated whole sera containing ABO and Rh_antibodies on diethylaminoethyl DEAE_cellulose and carboxymethyl_cellulose .

The activities of fractions of sera containing Rh_antibodies were tested by the saline , albumin and indirect_Coombs techniques .

The red_cells for the Rh_antibody tests were used within 3 days after drawing except for the * * f cells , which had been glycerolized and stored at - 20 ` C for approximately 1 year .

Chromatography of whole sera revealed that the areas of Rh_antibody activity were generally continuous and wide .

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