rice has definitions from the fields of food,botany,theater,writing
[ noun ] (food) grains used as food either unpolished or more often polished

Used in print

(S. J. Perelman, The Rising Gorge. New York:...)

Quite candidly , fellows , I would n't be_in_your_shoes for all the rice in China .

`` I would n't be_in_his_shoes for all the rice in China .

[ noun ] (botany) annual or perennial rhizomatous marsh grasses; seed used for food; straw used for paper

Used in print

(Peter J. White, "Report on Laos"...)

Practically all the people of Laos , he explained - about two million of them - are rice farmers , and the means and motives of modern war are as strange to them as clocks and steel plows .

Then we drove on , until there was no more road and we traversed dry rice fields , bouncing across their squat earth walls .

Then came coconuts , eggs , and rice wine .

The preparations were elaborate : flowers , candles , incense sticks , rice wine , dozens of delicacies , and pieces of white cotton string .

[ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 146
[ verb ] (food) sieve so that it becomes the consistency of rice


"rice the potatoes"

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sift cooking

[ noun ] (writing) English lyricist who frequently worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber (born in 1944)

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[ noun ] (theater,writing) United States playwright (1892-1967)

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