right_to_vote has definitions from the field of law
[ noun ] (law) a legal right guaranteed by the 15th amendment to the US constitution; guaranteed to women by the 19th amendment


suffrage vote


"American women got the vote in 1920"

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(U.S. Reports. Volume 366. Cases Adjudged in the...)

In_addition , the right_to_vote the General_Motors stock held by du_Pont was to be vested in du_Pont 's stockholders , other_than Christiana and Delaware and the stockholders of Delaware ; du_Pont , Christiana , and Delaware were to be enjoined from acquiring stock in or exercising control over General_Motors ; du_Pont , Christiana , and Delaware were to be prohibited to have any director or officer in_common with General_Motors , and vice_versa ; and General_Motors and du_Pont were to be ordered to terminate any agreement that provided_for the purchase by General_Motors of any specified percentage of its requirements of any du_Pont manufactured product , or for the grant of exclusive patent_rights , or for a grant by General_Motors to du_Pont of a preferential right to make or sell any chemical discovery of General_Motors , or for the maintenance of any joint commercial_enterprise by the two companies .

Under its plan du_Pont would retain its General_Motors shares but be required to pass_on to its stockholders the right_to_vote those shares .

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