rustling has definitions from the fields of law,criminal law
[ noun ] (law,criminal law) the stealing of cattle

Used in print

(Gene Caesar, Rifle for Rent....)

He had done his rustling openly and boasted about it .

The rustling problem was by_no_means solved .

But to the cattlemen who had been facing bankruptcy from rustling losses and to the cowboys who had been faced with lay-offs a_few years earlier , he was becoming a vastly different type of legendary figure .

By 1898 , rustling losses had been driven down to the lowest level ever seen in Wyoming .

Related terms

larceny rustle

[ noun ] the light noise like the noise of silk clothing or leaves blowing in the wind

Related terms

noise rustle

[ adjective ] characterized by soft sounds


"a murmurous brook" "a soughing wind in the pines" "a slow sad susurrous rustle like the wind fingering the pines"- R.P.Warren

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