scar has definitions from the field of medicine
[ noun ] (medicine) a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue


cicatrice cicatrix

Used in print

(J. W. C. Hagstrom et al., "Debilitating muscular...)

The myocardium of the posterior base of the left_ventricle was replaced by gray scar tissue over a 7.5 cm. area .

Microscopically , both kidneys showed many small cortical scars in which there was glomerular and interstitial fibrosis , tubular atrophy , and an infiltration of lymphocytes and plasma cells .

(W. H. Gass, "The Pedersen Kid," in The...)

The first thing every morning when she washed her face she could see the scar on her chin where he 'd cut her with a boot cleat , and maybe she saw him heaving it again , the dirty sock popping_out as it flew .

(Philip Jos‚ Farmer, The Lovers....)

I still bear scars on my back where Pornsen , my gapt , whipped me because I had not learned my lessons well enough .

(Richard Ferber, Bitter Valley....)

And he was handsome , despite the long thin scar that slanted across his cheek .

[ noun ] an indication of damage


scrape mark scratch

Used in print

(L. Don Leet and Florence J. Leet, editors, The World of...)

Sometimes this is accompanied by visible shifts of the ground surface ; often the shifts cannot be seen , but they are there ; and everywhere can be found scars of earlier breaks once deeply buried .

Today 's earthquakes are most numerous in belts where the earth 's restlessness is presently concentrated , but scars of the past show that there is no part of the earth that has not had them .

(Alex Gordon, The Cipher....)

Now he was certain : the lock had not yielded to Muller 's collection of keys ; fresh scars showed that the door had been prized open .

Related terms

blemish scratch scrape

[ verb ] mark with a scar


mark pit pock


"The skin disease scarred his face permanently"