seizure has definitions from the fields of law,criminal law,medicine
[ noun ] (medicine) a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease


raptus ictus


"he suffered an epileptic seizure"

Used in print

(Howard Nemerov, "Themes and Methods: The Early...)

Something of this can be learned from `` The_Way_to_the_Churchyard '' ( 1901 ) , an anecdote about an old failure whose fit of anger at a passing cyclist causes him to die of a stroke or seizure .

(Christopher Davis, First Family....)

Since his seizure , Scotty had had little appetite ; yet his changed appearance , surprisingly , was one of plumpness .

Altogether he had , since the seizure , the appearance of a boy who overindulged in food and took no exercise .

[ noun ] the act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property

Used in print

(Kenneth Allsop, The Bootleggers and Their Era...)

Still more jealous bitterness was engendered by the O_'_Banion gang 's seizure from a West_Side marshalling_yard of a freight-car load of Canadian whisky worth $ 100000 and by one of the biggest coups of the Prohibition_era - the Sibley warehouse robbery , which became famous for the cool brazenness of the operation .

[ noun ] (law,criminal law) the act of taking of a person by force



[ noun ] (law) the taking possession of something by legal process