sense_of_touch has definitions from the field of physiology
[ noun ] (physiology) the faculty of touch


"only sight and touch enable us to locate objects in the space around us"

Used in print

(William S. Haymond, "Is Distance an Original...)

In_any_event , the extraordinary result of this injury was that he became `` psychically blind '' , while at_the_same_time , apparently , the sense_of_touch remained essentially intact .

The necessary inference , as the authors themselves interpret it , would seem to be this : `` ( 1 ) Spatial qualities are not among those grasped by the sense_of_touch , as_such .

We do not arrive_at spatial images by means of the sense_of_touch by itself .

Therefore , if the sense_of_touch is functioning normally and there is a complete absence of spatial awareness in a psychically blind person when the eyes are closed and an object is handled , the conclusion seems unavoidable that touch by itself cannot focus and take possession of the third-dimensionality of things and that actual sight or visual representations are necessary .

( 3 ) How can we be sure that his sense_of_touch was not profoundly disturbed by his head injury ?