[ noun ] the month following August and preceding October


Sept Sep

Used in print

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

The September October term jury had been charged by Fulton Superior_Court_Judge_Durwood_Pye to investigate reports of possible `` irregularities '' in the hard-fought primary which was won by Mayor-nominate_Ivan_Allen_Jr. .

(J. W. C. Hagstrom et al., "Debilitating muscular...)

In september , 1958 , the patient developed generalized weakness and fatigue which was concurrent with exacerbation of his anemia ; the hemoglobin was 10.6 gm. .

(Edwin L. Bigelow and Nancy H. Otis,...)

This was nearly completed May 23 , 1901 with a promise of lights by June 10 , but the first light did not go_on until September 28 .

(Clement Greenberg, "Collage" in his Art and...)

It was for this reason , and no other that I can see , that in September 1912 , Braque took the radical and revolutionary step of pasting actual pieces of imitation woodgrain wallpaper to a drawing on paper , instead of trying to simulate its texture in paint .

(Marvin Schiller, "The Sheep's in the Meadow,"...)

The night after reading her letter about her surgeon uncle - it must have been late in September - I had a vision of myself returned in ragged uniform from The Front , nearly dying , my head bandaged and bloody , and Jessica bending over me , the power of her love bringing me back to life .

[ noun ] Woman's first name, popularity rank in the U.S. is 4110