shopping_center has definitions from the field of business
[ noun ] (business) mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; a modern version of the traditional marketplace


"a good plaza should have a movie house" "they spent their weekends at the local malls"

Used in print

(Robert A. Futterman, The Future of Our Cities....)

No suburban shopping-center branch - not even Hudson 's vast Northland outside Detroit - does anything like the unit volume of business or carries anything like the variety of merchandise to be found in the home store .

Just as the suburban factory may be more convenient than the downtown plant to the worker with a car , the trip to the shopping_center may seem far easier than to the downtown department_store , though both are the same distance from home .

Today , according_to land economist Homer_Hoyt , shopping_centers and their associated parking_lots cover some 46000 acres of land , which is almost exactly the total land_area in all the nation 's Central Business_Districts put together .

(Ross E. McKinney and Howard Edde, "Aerated...)

The major contributor was a shopping_center with houses being added to the system as the subdivision developed .

Initially , the wastewater would be entirely from the shopping_center with the domestic sewage from the houses increasing over an 18 - month period .

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